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Black History Celebration

Black History Month Celebration!

Get Ready to Unleash the Artistic Magic: NPES Black History Month Celebration - "African American and Arts" Edition on February 23rd! 🌟🎭
Dear NPES Parents,
Excitement is in the air as we gear up for an extraordinary Black History Month Celebration on February 23rd, under the theme "African American and Arts"! This year, we're putting the spotlight on the incredible artistic talents that NPES possesses, and we can't wait for you to witness the creativity of our students.
📆 Date: February 23rd
🕕 Time: 1:15pm
📍 Location: New Prospect Gym
🎉 Program Highlights:
This celebration is not just a spectator event – it's an immersive experience for everyone! We've divided the arts by grade level, and it's up to each grade to collaborate and present their unique interpretation of the theme. Let's bring the arts alive together!
👗 Pre K-Kindergarten: Fashion:
Little fashionistas, get ready to showcase your stylish flair! From unique designs to cultural influences, our youngest learners will take the stage to dazzle us with their creativity.
🎨 1st Grade: Art:
Unleash the power of colors and imagination! Our budding artists will display their masterpieces, inspired by African American art and culture.
🎵 2nd Grade: Music:
Let the melodies resonate! Our second graders will serenade us with musical talents influenced by the rich musical heritage of African Americans.
🎭 3rd Grade: Theater, Movie, Television:
Lights, camera, action! Prepare to be entertained as our third graders bring stories to life through theater, movies, and television, celebrating the achievements of African Americans in the arts.
💃 4th Grade: Dance:
Feel the rhythm! Our talented fourth graders will take the stage to showcase their dance moves, inspired by the vibrant dance traditions within African American culture.
📚 5th Grade: Literature:
Words come alive! Our fifth graders will present literary works that explore the depth and diversity of African American literature.
🎉 Parent Participation: We encourage parents to attend this grand celebration, supporting and contributing to the collaborative spirit of this celebration. Let your creativity shine!

We look forward to celebrating Black History Month with you and your family. Let's make this Black History Month Celebration a vibrant, collaborative, and memorable event for our entire community!
Warm regards,

Malura Shady

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